2.9- Wide Reading

This year, students have the opportunity to complete a reading project to extend their understanding of the genre we are exploring in class.

The task has been designed so that students explore a common idea explored in gothic fiction: fear. They will independently read and respond to six texts over the course of the year. These responses will be published on their independent blogs.



Ensure that you comment on the following things in your responses:

  • How the text presents an idea about fear
  • What your reaction to the text is and how you connect with the way the text comments on the idea of fear.
  • How you feel the text presents the idea of fear in relation to values, beliefs or events in society.

In addition to this, it is imperative that you select quotations to support your response. I encourage you to use at least two quotations to support your ideas.


Exemplar Material

The PDF below is an example of the type of report you should look to create when responding to your selected texts. The exemplar discusses a different theme than our assessment task does so please use it for its structure and to see the depth to which the writer engages with the text on a personal level. Some things to look for:

  • Moments in the report where the writer connects their ideas to the social context of the text. This means they are reflecting on the relationship between society, the world and the text.
  • Moments in the report where the writer reflects on their own personal reaction to the text and how it presented the core idea.
  • Moments where quotations are used to develop the point the writer is making about the core idea.

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