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In your school exams and at the end of the year, you will be sitting two papers in the three-hour exam. This post is designed to help you prepare for these papers.

Revision Grid


2.1 Written Text Essay

This essay will be centred around our study of Frankenstein. We have been working on some revision in class and you will have your own method for revising the notes we created at the beginning of the year.

The papers below are from last years examination. You should aim to write a practice essay on one of the questions like you will in your exam this year. Look at the exemplar before you begin and see if you can isolate the areas in the essay where the analysis of the text is strong and connected logically to society. Use the rubric at the end to evaluate your own work. You can also bring any essays to me. I will mark them and provide a point of feedback.




2.3 Unfamiliar Text

This paper provides you with three short texts which you will not have seen before. Your job is to read these texts and respond to the questions in the answer booklet.

You need to ensure that you consider the text as a whole, a minimum of two specific examples and the wider idea that goes beyond the text.

When discussing your specific examples, you need to comment on HOW the feature you have isolated develops the thoughts/feelings/experiences of the characters- be guided by the question as to the specifics of this.

Once again, you can use the papers below as you might the 2.1 papers above. I am always happy to mark any practice answers you write.

The link below will take you to the Quizlet folder I have made for you to revise language features with.

This PDF is an extremely extensive list of language features that you will find across a range of texts. Remember, you do not need to know each and every one of these but a strong understanding of a broad range will help you to develop fluency in the identification process.


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