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Mr Waugh has kindly put together entire exams (question books, resource books, marking schedules and model answers) for you to look through as you begin to prepare. These can be found on his website by

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2.5- Structures and Strategies

In preparation for our upcoming seminar delivery, the class has spent time discussing how they might approach the writing of their speeches on a structural level. Below is a summary of the discussions we have

2.5: The Perspectives Speech

The NCEA task attached to our unit on public speaking and presenting.


2.4 Writing Portfolio- Task 2

Examples Planning and Structure In order to plan the scene, you need to understand the structure of the piece you are being asked to write. Below is the outline we (as a class) have identified

Creative Writing Tasks and Notes

Below are a selection of the notes and tasks we have used in class to develop our creative writing skills. There are also some additions that we have only skimmed over in class but could

Creative Writing: An Introductory Task

Below is an image which, to me, screams “gothic setting”. In order to switch your thinking to creative description, you will have free rein with where you choose to go with this first piece of

2.4 Writing Portfolio: The Enlightenment Task

The task that marks the culmination of our Frankenstein study…for now.

Frankenstein- An Analysis

Following the class’ reading of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, we will now delve into the depths of the novel to uncover some of the ideas that Shelley presents to the reader. We are looking at

2.9- Wide Reading

This year, students have the opportunity to complete a reading project to extend their understanding of the genre we are exploring in class. The task has been designed so that students explore a common idea

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